9 Reasons Why UX Design Is A Great Career

UX design

UX design is among the most discussed topics in today’s digital-first society. There’s a feeling that everyone is trying to employ a UX designer or become one.


The question is: what is the reason? What has made it a sought-after skill and a desirable profession? Why should you become a UX designer? What is the user interface design?

The user experience (UX) refers to the experience that a person or client is undergoing with digital products, like websites or apps.

A UX designer’s primary goals are:

  • Making the product simple to use
  • Ensuring that users meet their objectives
  • Offering value that the user didn’t anticipate
  • Ensuring the product can speak the user’s native language

UX designers are responsible for studying the user experience, understanding their needs, and using that information to design user experiences to make them more enjoyable. Few other professionals in tech can have such an impact on the bottom line of businesses and customer satisfaction.

Check out the article to learn the factors that make UX Design such an attractive career choice and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Why should you pursue a job in UX designing?

Why do you want to become a UX designer? The best way to determine this is to ask current UX’ers what they think of their work.

Here’s what they told us:

1. UX is an amazing experience.

Few fields of study won’t stimulate your mind, like UX design. It requires various abilities and ties in with many other disciplines, including psychology research, behavioral studies, innovation, and qualitative and quantitative research, as well as data analysis and visual design.

In the end, UX design is about finding out what people need and then designing experiences around this to alter their behavior. The typical UX’er is a great person who is knowledgeable about everything. They’re usually the most fascinating person at events!

2. UX design improves lives.

UX designers can bridge the gap between human beings and technology. Your job as a UX designer can make a difference in the lives of others by making technology more accessible to vulnerable, older people and …everyone else as well.

Imagine how simple you can manage your money and pay your bills, do the shopping, and plan your routes to travel and book hotels using a mobile device that fits in pockets in your backpack. Everyone should be comfortable using technology. UX designers are superheroes who are on a task to bring that about.

3. The UX design day will never be boring.

You should consider becoming a UX designer if your heart is set on excitement and diversity. In a typical workday, a UX designer can develop research strategies, conduct interviews, analyze data, and create presentations and prototypes. They also collaborate with various people, including marketing experts, stakeholders and visual designers, developers, and other masterminds of creativity.

4. There is a vast array of employment opportunities.

UX design is distinctive in that it can be wildly different from one place to the next. You can choose to be the “generalist” designer involved in every aspect of design. You can also be part of a larger design team as a UX specialist who handles certain aspects that are parts of it, such as UX research and UX writing.

Many people inquire about the top organizations to join for UX developers to work for. This is a tough one to answer since the world is filled with a wealth of UX opportunities. If you’d like to be a solo UX group in a small start-up or be part of a vibrant UX team at a significant business, the perfect job is right there.

This leads us to the next topic…

5. UX design can be a guarantee for a successful career.

If you’re seeking employment security and having the potential to grow (who wouldn’t be? ), if you’re looking for a career that can grow with you, then you won’t have a better option than a profession within UX design. The need for UX designers has been steadily increasing over the last decade, and we anticipate that the demand will continue to grow for a long time.

Once an elusive word, UX design is now an extremely well-known and valued skill set. As the technology industry grows and expands, so will the demand to hire UX designers. Join the train, and, in the next few years, you might be leading your team or leading the design department.

6. UX designers earn above-average salaries.

Across Europe, UX designers earn above-average salaries. Here are a few examples of typical UX designer salaries for each country:

UK – EUR 56,016

France – EUR 40,608

Germany – EUR 51,949

Spain – EUR 32,263

Netherlands – EUR 43,356

Of course, the amount you make as a UX designer will depend on your experience level and location. However, overall it’s pretty positive.

7. That is the perfect career option for job-seekers who are changing jobs.

Because of its multidisciplinary nature and transferable skills that it demands, UX design welcomes career changers with wide arms. While an education with a degree in UX design or another related field can aid you in getting into the area, it’s not necessarily required.

It is unnecessary to have an academic degree or prior knowledge to be a UX designer; however, you’ll have to be a hard worker. Numerous educational resources are accessible all over the world!

8. There is an access to resources for learning it easily.

With UX design, plenty of available and accessible learning resources can keep the most dedicated learners engaged for 10 years. This doesn’t even include UX Design books (primarily not for free) or an introduction UX designing course (not cost-free, but you can select one of the top user-experience designing courses).

Our argument is that UX design is a fascinating subject because you can learn on your own. A quick Google search will yield a myriad of blogs, podcasts and websites, YouTube channels, and even free ebooks investigating the fascinating intersection of science and art: UX design.

9. Study UX design is possible online.

The best news has been saved for the very last time. What is UX design? Because you can learn and earn a variety of prestigious UX certifications all in the comfort of your home. There are numerous high-quality remote learning courses on the internet, and many of them focus on complete beginners.

The most effective UX courses incorporate both practical and theoretical studies. The ideal course will focus on building an impressive UX portfolio of designs you can showcase to prospective employers.


The article was written by Daniel Howard
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