Designer’s guidelines

The following instructions will assist you to get your logo published on Logo Is Us


Each logo must be provided in several formats according to these specifications:

The vector format (AI or EPS) will contain a symbol and typography.
*Please see the fonts instructions below >

Symbol only (no typography).
Pure vector elements (no raster effects).

JPG format. Size: 600×600 px. Artwork aligned to the center. To make it super easy for you, we prepared several templates, which you can use. Begin by replacing the graphics with your designs, and you are good to go!

Download >


  • The vector logo file (AI or EPS) must contain editable text (not outlined) to allow text editing according to customer’s needs
  • The name displayed on the logo should be realistic, not a “company name” / ״Your name״ / ״Lorem Ipsum״, etc. Be creative with the name as well  🙂
  • We allow Google fonts only


The entire logo, including all the resources used for it, must be original and made by you. The logo must be unused, and you may not resell or reuse it again.

Submitting your logo designs

Before you submit your logo designs, please make sure that your files are compatible with the requirements listed above.

Submit your design