Digital Marketing Argument – Pros, Cons, Limitations, and So Much More

Internet-based digital technology like computers, mobile phones, and other digital media platforms promote brands’ products and services. These are a part of digital marketing. SEO, SEM automation, campaign marketing, and e-mail marketing, are some examples. These have become famous in the market.

E-books and optical disks have also become famous in digital marketing strategies. Businesses and brands have benefited from the rise of digital marketing since it has allowed them to connect with customers.

What is “digital marketing?

Defining digital marketing is an excellent place to begin. It is a form of ads done with digital channels like websites, search engines, social media, mobile apps, email, and many more.

Organic and paid marketing are the two primary solutions in the field. In organic marketing, you promote your brand using sites that allow you to “naturally” attract new customers. Organic marketing includes methods such as search engine optimization.

When it comes to paid ads or content supported by other brands, you’re putting money into the marketing for customers seeing your ads. Pay-per-click ad is an excellent example of this marketing.

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others commonly have paid options. Ads and sponsored content promoted through paid options are shown to a larger audience.

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Pay-per-click ad is an excellent example of this marketing.

Advantages of digital marketing:

Reach globally With Digital Marketing

You can quickly spread your message to a worldwide audience with the internet. A post on your website or social media can reach customers in the same location and worldwide. A new market can be reached in this way.


Your internet marketing strategy may be measured with web analytics and other online metrics tools, making it easier to understand how successful it has been. You can get information about the target audience by tracking how they reach your website or respond to your marketing trials.

Around the Clock Services

The 24/7 nature of this marketing means that you can connect with your targeted audience, anytime and anywhere. You’re much related to your public that how they hear your message and are more open to what you’re trying to say. You can use digital marketing to create content like videos, blogs, and social media postings to get your visitors to take the action you want.


You can greet visitors to your website with optional offers if your client database is linked to your website. If your customers buy more from you, you can better target your marketing efforts to them.

Measuring ROI

Your bottom line is the most important thing to measure and your business size as well. Analytics tools can help you to visit your website. It tells how many people see a social media post, and how many times a post is shared to help you to understand. Using data, you can make the necessary adjustments to your strategy to attain your final goals.

Loyalty and openness

Involvement in social media is an excellent way to bring customer loyalty and build an image of being accessible.

Social currency in digital marketing

In the age of marketing digitally, you can use content marketing strategies to establish social currency. Sharing and re-sharing this content can help it grow in popularity, allowing it to spread like a virus.

Cost Effective with digital marketing

With online content and social media, you don’t have to worry about a “cost per piece” like printed products. Online ad running costs a quarter as much compared to traditional ads and can reach a larger audience at a lower price point. In addition, at the start, you can’t compete with industry giants in terms of resources using physical marketing methods. Small businesses can compete with large companies when they use digital means.

Improve rates of conversion

Your customers are only a few clicks away from making a purchase when they have a website. Digital marketing doesn’t need anyone to get up and make a phone call or go to a store, unlike other forms of media.

The drawbacks of digital marketing

If you want to be successful in digital marketing, you’ll have to ensure that your employee should have all the important training and ability to get the job done. You must stay updated with the latest tools, platforms, and trends. If you’re going to use digital marketing, be alert to the following:

High Global Competition

Your ability to promote to worldwide visitors via digital means that you must contend with international competition can be difficult to stand out from the customer’s attention in all the internet noise.

Customers’ Dissatisfaction and Negativity

Providing excellent customer service when dealing with clients through the internet might be challenging. Negative feedback or a lack of response can harm your brand’s image.  A customer’s bad comment can badly affect your brand.


It takes a long period, maybe a year or a few months, to see substantial returns from digital marketing methods. First, you may see no new clients for months, and suddenly the floodgates open like magic.

Security Issues

For digital marketing goals, there are many legal standards for the collection and use of customer data including the following:

  • Observe all privacy
  • Data protection regulations

Trial and Error

To get success in Digital marketing, you must be ready to experiment with other methods and platforms until you find the one that works best for you.  A Facebook ad, for example, may need seven changes to identify the one that performs the best.


Digital marketing is still a good investment by 2020. It is a must for all small business owners to read, especially those who have short marketing budgets. So, With the correct digital marketing methods, you and your business could see more clients interested in your products and services daily.

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